My own encounter with exotic white people food.

I’m Latina, and today i saw some real live exotic white ppl food in my own home. My mom had some people over for dinner, and one of them brought “ambrosia” as dessert, aka grapes and clementine covered in green cool whip. looked like this, only goopier and greener. I wanted to get a picture, but it would’ve been rude to decline a serving and then snap a picture for a humorous blog.

and also, this white lady put ketchup on everything. we were eating lasagna, salad, and a decently marinated steak that would not at all call for ketchup, aka a white man’s marinade.

oh man, white nonsense.

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    guyyyy can’t u see this fighting is tearing us apart???
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    Well, the OP didn’t say anyone was forced to eat, so it’s all good.
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    i would have spit it at whoever made me eat it lol
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    A Tumblrina is outraged when she is presented with something she doesn’t feel like eating.
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    Wasn’t shitwhitepeopleeat shut down? Goddammit.
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    text proof that wiley has dined with the gods on Mount Olympus impressive
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    Every response to this post makes me sad. So sad I had to share it with people.
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